How to tell?

These are a few traits and qualities most Starseeds and Starchildren share.

  • The feeling of being watched or have been watched as a child by a humanoid face
  • Has witnessed UFOs or had experiences
  • Unusual abilities like healing, Psychic thoughts, telepathy, feeling energy
  • Was a walk-in ( a soul that replaced the host soul)
  • Dreams of UFOs and ships
  • Hears see spirits, guides. angels, elemental beings and other dimensional beings
  • Sees or feels dimensional portals
  • Was an unexpected child
  • Has unusual eyes – color or shape
  • Has had out of body experiences
  • Sees the numbers 11:11, 12:12 or 12:34 randomly
  • Has a vibration, high pitched sound or clicking sound in their ears
  • Thought they could heal as children
  • Is fascinated with the sky and stars
  • Is drawn to Celtic, Arthurian, Egyptian, and Atlantean lore