New Begins Now- Look Within

A new year is upon us, and a cycle ends and begins on a grand and more personal scale. This is a good time to reflect on what reality do you wish to create. For many first-wavers, this sometimes feels out of your hands and possibly just wishing not to be here in this dense reality. You volunteered to help shape this world and it’s people, but just saying that makes me a little tired and overwhelmed. But everything begins with home. Your home inside of yourself where it’s safe and warm, and it’s also where you feel that you belong. But this home is also a place of creation and manifestation and not somewhere in the Crab Nebula. What emerges from within you is up to you, but just like the consciousness of Earth, it  affects everyone and all universes.

I hope this bold reality shift is of a new human spirit that is devoid of selfish and fear related emotions. My new years wish is for both you and me. That we mold and shape a reality that is fulfilling rewarding and full of love and kindness. Time to shed the old beliefs and fears that held you back, and manifest from a lightened heart full of oneness.

Happy New Year.


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