Which Reality will show up on Friday the 21st?

So, will the Earth experiment end and we will be called home on Friday or will we ascend into a higher dimension or will absolutely nothing happen? As the end of a cycle approaches,  there is some anxiety and fear associated with the unknown.  My best advice to those who are unsure and worried about it is to  go inward and meditate on the reality that you want to experience. What kind of reality would you want to experience? 2012 may come and go with not much hoopla or change, but perhaps the change is with you. Maybe the role you play is to be a creator rather than an observer. Time wave zero suggests that there is a reset on reality, and since we can create with our energy, maybe we should shape this reality with our hearts instead of our minds. Think of December 21st as the day you leave school and your class and you put your creation skills to work.  


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