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New Dawn

Starseeds are here for a purpose, and there’s a lot of channeled material and people’s opinions and experiences that add to this lexicon of information. I hope to bring all these sources closer and to get to the reason why we are here and why we have these abilities.

I do believe that there are different Starseeds with different but supportive roles who are incarnate in human form. I feel that we are here to teach humankind what they are capable of and to lift the veil of what the universe and this reality is really made of. We are in roles of serving, teaching, and even protecting.

It would be a disservice to not mention that a great number of people have had very negative experiences with otherworlders and ultra dimensional beings. A belief in positive forces only, does not negate the existence of malevolent beings who care little for the humans they hurt. This is an open group and both sides of our story needs to be heard.